Mug anatomy and the cuppa tea experience

Look at this mug. Just breathe it in for a few minutes.
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I’m going to hit you with some hard-core science today and take you through the anatomy of a perfect mug and the correlation between that and the ultimate cup of tea experience.

Anyone who has sat down for a cuppa with me will know that I strongly believe the physical make of up of a cup of tea is essential to the perfect tea drinking experience.

I’m just going to jump straight in, here are the 5 elements that make the perfect mug of tea.

  1. Shape

Shape is a key element to factor in when deciding if a mug is worth your time. You’ll notice my mug of choice has a bowl shaped bottom which means there is room for a hefty amount of tea, and the curved ledge, well I’d like to see any substantial amount of heat escaping that bad boy. I’m not sure who crafted this vessel of joy, but I’d imagine their work was recognised with a knighthood, at the very least.

  1. Size

I believe the nation is split into two kinds of people, not man and women, not Marmite lovers and haters or even leavers and remainers (v. political – that’s the kind of highbrow intellectual content you come here for), but I believe the world is split between mug lovers and cup lovers.

I’m a born and bred mug lover and don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the cup lovers, some of my best friends are cup lovers. But I truly believe that anyone who would take a receptacle that carries half the amount of tea has something deeply wrong with them and should just generally stay away from me. I would quite literally, and I cannot stress how serious I am, drink tea from a bucket.

  1. Sipping ledge

‘Sipping ledge?!’ I hear you say. Well, the sipping ledge is possibly the most important part of a mug and should never be forgotten. If you refer back to my mug, you will see the ledge curves out slightly, this makes for a perfect vehicle for mug to mouth tea transportation. There is actually nothing worse on this entire planet that a thick sipping ledge because I know for a fact you’re going to be sitting there 5 minutes later with tea dripping down your chin feeling like a fool.

I’m not afraid to say I’ve been taken away by a few aesthetically pleasing mugs, welcomed it into my home and disappointed me with a poor sipping ledge. I should have known, lust is a deadly sin.

  1. Handle

We’ve all picked up a cup of tea a bit too enthusiastically and got burnt knuckles. That’s why the handle is another undeniably important part of the mug to factor in.

This is where my mug has its flaws – it’s a two knuckle mug at best, for stability you have to use your other hand to hold the sipping ledge. If you have enormous Shrek hands like me, you’ll feel my pain. I have supped from a mug with a handle so small I had finger cramp. If you can’t handle the pressure then you’re probably better off with a 3/4 knuckle mug.

  1. Design

I’m putting design in because at the end of the day, I am weak and I love colourful things. The design is of course, up to you, but I do like the ‘clay’ look and any mug covered in dogs is also a winner. I have a lot of respect to the person who designed my mug – blueberries on a mug? Truly revolutionary.

Find a mug that has it all? Treasure it and never let it go.

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