5 Things You Definitely Do Not Want to Hear at the Gym

I’m a regular 3 times a week per month kinda gym goer so yeah – I work out. I pretty much exercise 3 – 4 times, convince myself I’m probably down to my ideal weight and at the peak of physical fitness and then eat and sleep for the rest of the month. So, as a gym expert or ‘gym bunny’ I’ve put together just 5 of the most horrifying moments of my life and 5 things you definitely do not want to hear at the gym, and yes they all actually happened:

  1. “Oh, you played rugby? Were you a prop, yeah?”

No. It was tag rugby (because I’m a lady) and I was a winger (because I’m a lady)

2.    [At my first body pump class] “Um, excuse me love, you can’t leave in the middle of the class I’m afraid”

Possibly the most haunting experience of my life up until that point.

3. [At my gym induction meeting] “You know you’re technically overweight, have you thought of making any lifestyle choices that might help you combat this?”

Yes babes I’m literally trying to join the gym as we live and breathe x

4.[At that same body pump session] “Please don’t get upset, if it’s driving you to tears then you can leave”

Definitely topped the most horrifying experience of my life, I was in actual tears

5. [during spin, while the instructor is pointing at me] “I want you all to be as red as that lady”


When I look back on these dark, dark times (one was last week) I have become convinced that it impossible to die of embarrassment because if it were, it would have been dead about 4 and a half years ago.

There is a serious side I want to address – please don’t let anyone make you feel bad when you’re trying to get healthier or make yourself feel good. Be a me and soak in the embarrassment, own it x

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