Vol. 2 “My smile is beamin’, my skin is gleamin’. The way it shines, you know, I’m vegan.”

And yes all of my titles will be Ariana Grande puns

She Can Vegan #2

Hello and welcome to the second installation of She Can Vegan coming to you from a sore head in her bed in Horfield.

I did struggle today, one of those mornings when you want the biggest fry up you can find and to drink 6 pints of milk and 11 bags of Doritos. But what vegan meal can cure a hangover? The answer was found in a very, very large bowl of pasta with tomatoes, garlic, chilli and soya cream. And 3 bags of Walkers ready salted crisps. And a bag of popcorn.

One thing I’ve noticed massively about veganism is the amount of preparation you have to put into your meals, I’ve had some truly tragic stinkers over the past week. When I say tragic I mean proper sad, I could give Sophocles and Euripides a run for their money. On the other hand eating out is absolutely no issue at all, I have an egg allergy and already conscious of what I can and can’t eat so it makes a bit easier but the range of things suitable for vegans is amazing! Yesterday we went to a place called Greazy Vegan in Cardiff and OH. LORD. Honestly one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten so if you’re around then definitely give it a try.

So as I lay here munching on some vegan Welsh cakes, I’m going to share with you a super tasty meal involving mushrooms and silken tofu (which is NOT a type of exotic snake – who knew?)

Creamy mushroom pasta

What ya need:

  • Soy sauce
  • Maple syrup
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Mushrooms (lots of)
  • Silken tofu
  • Plant based milk (I use oat milk bc I’m basic)
  • Cashews
  • Pasta (I use tagliatelle)
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Peas
  • Garlic

Ok so first you want to cut up those mushrooms nice and thin and chuck em in a bowl. Then you need to pop 20ml of apple cider vinegar and maple syrup and into a bowl with 5 table spoons of soy sauce and mix it all together. Tip this mixture onto your mushrooms you’ve just cut up and leave it for around half an hour to soak.

After half an hour or so lay your mushrooms onto a baking tray and pour any excess liquid on top of them. Peel some garlic and sprinkle about 5 cloves on top of that too. Pop this in the oven for 25 minutes at 180.

For the ‘cream’ you need first need 130g of cashew nuts and boil them for about 15 minutes to soften them up. Then put your cashews, 150g of silken tofu (usually half the packet), 10g of nutritional yeast and 190ml of your plant based milk into a blender until super smooth and creamy.

A very unflattering photo

When you have about 10 minutes left until the mushrooms are done, put your pasta on (make enough for about 4 people even if you are cooking just for yourself, you won’t eat it all but you deserve it x) When the pasta is about 1 minute or 2 from finished, chuck some of the peas in with the pasta water.

When your timer goes off, it’s just a case of pouring the cream into the pasta with the mushrooms and mixing it all together. Top with some chopped parsley if you’re extra.

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