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I’ve been working for the lovely people over at Bristol Water since February 2017 when I started as a Junior Analyst where I recorded performance and welcomed or not, gave my view on how we can improve.

I clocked the Comms team on my first day and decided I would turn up to work everyday with a metaphorical crowbar until they gave me a job. In a year and a half, I created and fulfilled a new role that changed the way we run our social media pages introducing several new communication channels for customers and leading the digital team through crisis comms.

Now, a year on, I’m a designer. I landed the job I’d spotted on my first day – and I like to say I’m changing things up a bit. In my first six months, I changed our copy’s tone of voice and language, started an in-house illustration service and am currently re-designing all printed and digital literature.

A few things I’ve been working on:

Watertalk #16, “What have the victorians ever done for us?”

An annual magazine sent to 1.2 million readers. I designed, researched and wrote the feature piece. The focus was to remind customers of our ongoing commitment to contribute to and improve societal wellbeing by writing about how the company started and our unchanged social mission. You can read the publication hereĀ 

Help to Pay

I redesigned a six page leaflet into a two-sided handout to cut unnecessary words and information, making our services easy to understand for our most vulnerable customers.

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Press Releases

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