Hello world!

I’m Bethan, I’m wombling through life trying to make friends, have a successful career, upkeep a solid eyebrow game and be a funny (yet very, very mature) grown up and also go to the gym 5 days a week.


‘Siri, play Rocket by Beyonce’

What’s this all about then?

Well, my blog is basically about me trying to be an adult but still feeling 14 years old at the same time. While it embarrasses me on a daily basis, I’ve been told it’s entertaining for other people. Hopefully with a dash of high brow content?

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

One time, I was expecting a call from my GP because I get super bad knees (rock on) and she wanted to check up on me. I had a call from a withheld number and a ladies voice went ‘Hello, Bethan? How are you?’ and I burst out in tears, like I was WAILING ‘I can’t move, my knees hurt so much I don’t know what to do’ (like head in my hands crying’ and the lady went ‘Oh, Bethan I’m calling from *company I have forgotten* I’ve read through your CV and was giving you a call to discuss but it doesn’t sound like the best time at the moment’




What do I do? At this point I’d realised I’d actually stopped breathing. I held the phone away from my face and just stared at it giving it a proper Ginny Weasley stare. I was genuinely thinking that I could have hung up the phone and when she rung back said I had a twin sister who was very mentally unstable?? I could hear ‘Bethan? Hello? Are you still there?’ Without me realising the phone was back against my ear and I just went ‘Yes I’m ok I’m a little upset that’s all’ (???????) This lovely lady replies ‘Oh that’s OK, I’ll give you a call later when you’ve calmed down’ and thank the Lord I did not hear from her ever again

Biggest weakness

I eat pasta almost every day

Biggest strength

I eat pasta almost every day

Religious beliefsĀ 

Dogs and turtle neck jumpers

Do you have a face?

Yes I do